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Carob - The Chocolate Alternative

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Adorable Chocolate Lab
Chocolate Labrador

Carob, it's a word you would have probably heard a few times, especially if you are a keen health food enthusiast. But, have you ever wondered if you can feed it to your Pets?

Well, the news is good, it's a resounding Yes!.

Carob is safe for Cats and Dogs, it is rich in taste, naturally sweet, and has a nutty flavour that is very distinct. It comes from the bean pod of a carob tree, that was originally found only in the Mediterranean region, but now, it is grown all over the world. Carob is a perfect substitute for Chocolate (Chocolate alternative if you like) and has health and nutritional benefits for both humans and animals. It can be found at all major health food stores in Australia, in the form of carob powder, carob chips, or carob buttons. Some carob buttons or chips can contain added sugar, so needless to say, it's better to choose the unsweetened ones.

Yummy Carob the Chocolate alternative
Chocolate shavings

Unlike chocolate, carob does not contain the chemical theobromine, which can make animals very sick, causing seizures and affecting their central nervous system.

Carob can be used safely in dog treats, cat treats, and various other pet food.

At The Pawstry Box, we use unsweetened Organic Australian Carob in our dog bones, doughnuts, pupcakes, and more...

So, the next time you have a drooling furbaby eyeing your piece of chocolate, please do not feed it to them. Even a little bit of chocolate can cause your furbabies serious harm.

Instead, why not treat your furry friends to some of our safe carob bones and biscuits.

Keep them handy in a jar, especially around the Easter and Christmas holiday seasons.

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