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Our Paw Story

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At The Pawstry Box, we help pet owners who like us, believe and realise that the Commercial pet food market is not necessarily the safest or only option, for their beloved pets.

Take a look at our pet biscuits , pet cakes and other natural pet treats. And let us help your pets discover that, healthy is not boring!


As a family, we noticed that there was a limited local market for wholesome nutritious treats, that were  'Made in Australia', using Safe, Natural Australian Ingredients.  with which we could treat our Labrador boys, 'Tag' and 'Rex'. (Who we so, unfortunately, lost to cancer and old age, not so long ago.)

So, with that in mind, we are here to Celebrate your Pets and serve up healthy, fresh, made-to-order 'pawstries', with Australian Made Ingredients. 
We use
Natural colours, made with fruit or vegetables ONLY. 
NO yoghurt drops/chips/powder are used as icing,
NO salt, sugar, preservatives, or additives are added to any of our bakes.

You can be sure, that your beloved Pets, get the best produce Australia has to Offer!


P.S: We now have a Beagle named 'Chap', who has come into our lives and stolen our hearts! ❤❤

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