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The combination of pumpkin and peanut butter is a classic favourite among pets, and we make sure to use only the best ingredients, including Australian Oat Flour (Wheatfree) and 100% pure peanut butter with no added salt or sugar. So go ahead and spoil your pet with this amazing cake, suited for pets with an intolerance to wheat.

Sizes include 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch.Contains Dairy

--Decorations may vary--


Safe for Human tasting :) 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about, the Australian Ingredients used. 


Oats are Protein-packed, full of fiber, and low on fat,

Peanuts contain good nonsaturated fat that promotes heart health.


We do not use any preservatives in our products,  please refrigerate and use within 3-4 days.

Bring to room temperature, before serving.

Oat Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Cake

Colour: light orange
    • Preservative-free, Additive-free, No Added Sugar or Salt 


    • In the Add a Note section, please include your Pet's name for customisation and the Date and Time of Order Pick-Up from Location Or Order Delivery.


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