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Keeping Dogs Safe in Winter ❄❄

Winter Pets
Warm 'n Cosy

Here are some tips that can help you keep your pets safe and warm during winter.

❄❄ Keep your Pets Indoors: Even though our Pets have furry coats, they can still experience frost-bite and exposure in winter. Keep their walks short and limit their time outdoors.

❄❄ Dry them down: Always with a towel, after a walk in the Rain or Snow

❄❄ Warm Bed: Ensure they have a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in, make it snug with a blanket or two, and keep the bed elevated from the cold floor.

❄❄ Paw Care: Look after their paws in winter, they can easily develop chapped or cracked pads. Apply some paw balm or coconut oil to keep them moisturised.

❄❄ Hydration: During winter, it's important to monitor your pet's water intake, as they may not drink enough water. Be sure to refresh their water bowl regularly.

❄❄ Grooming: Keep their fur well-brushed, groomed, and free from dirt. Never trim their coat down to their skin in winter.

❄❄Pamper: Remember to take care of your pet in winter with lots of love and warmth.

If it's too cold for you outside, it's probably too cold for your pet too!

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